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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Rates flexible?

I have a number of standard packages for what seems to be the most in demand types of sessions I most frequently shoot. These packages and prices can be found on my Rates page.
That said, I'm always willing to customize a package for your specific needs and discuss your specific photography session ideas and develop a custom package that fits for you. Feel free to Contact Me by Email at my MidnightFantasy.com address or Call Me at: 717-PHOTO-24 (717-746-8624) and we can discuss your photography needs and schedule your session today!

What should I Wear?

Standard Sessions

For a "Standard Session" shoot I recommend bringing at least 2 outfits, possibly 3. I will always do my best to shoot more than just one outfit. Don't worry tho, we won't move on until I'm CERTAIN we've "got the shot" that I KNOW you are going to be thrilled with! As long as there is time available in your session, I will keep shooting a second outfit, and possibly even a third. It really just depends on how quickly we get into the groove of shooting, how quickly everyone being photographed can relax and feel at ease in front of the camera, how quickly you can move through different poses (or how much help you need with posing), and how the shoot in general proceeds.

Burlesque Sessions

You will want to bring a few sultry outfits that make you feel sexy. Lingerie or teddies, a corset, your favorite bra and panties, a cute babydoll, or maybe that little lace thing that drives your man wild! I also recommend you think about items you might not normally think of but that work GREAT for photography like this like your mans favorite button down shirt, the jersey for his favorite team, or his favorite leather jacket. Also JEWLERY are a linchpin that can make all the difference! Necklaces are wonderful! Gold, Silver, Perls, whatever you have that you love and that compliments your outfits. Finally, PROPS! Be it a hat, football, or maybe go a bit naughty with a riding crop and/or handcuffs. The key here is to have an outfit and package that makes you feel sexy and comfortable in your own skin!


Bring shoes that match your outfits. Boots, heels, flats, whatever. I must admit, being a guy, I have had to learn that shoes ARE important! LOL Rest assured however, my darling Bride HAS successfully beaten this into me, and your shoes WILL be featured in your photos! :)

Colors and Patterns

Whenever possible it's best to aim for each of your individual clothing articles to be a single color (multi-colored or print tops, for example, photograph poorly generally as the colors will often "bleed" together), and avoid stripes... except for possibly socks... I have to admit that Rainbow socks totally rox! :)

Where do I change or put on make up

There is a full sized bathroom, with a double sink and large counter, available for make up application. There are also two rooms available for changing (plus the bathroom) so plenty of space is available for privacy and spreading out of wardrobe for your shoot

What is shooting with you like

I tell a lot of jokes, and laugh a lot. Generally if I'm not laughing, it means something has gone horribly wrong. ;) I find that when everyone is laughing and feeling comfortable, it lends itself to the most natural and best looking photos. At the start of your shoot I try to find out if there is anything in particular you would like to be shot in the way of poses or looks. Are there any angles or body parts you want me to avoid shooting or try to minimize. Remember, my aim is to make you look your BEST here! Sessions with me are a collaborative effort, so I'll ask questions and listen to your feedback and ideas. I'll show you how your shots and coming along with a look now and then at the back of the camera, and I'll give you feedback on how you are doing and ask how you are feeling, and if there is anything you would like to try differently. I want your shoot to be a fun and exciting experience, with great memories AND fabulous photos you will love and treasure! :)

Do I have to get Naked for a Burlesque Shoot?

Nope! Certainly not if you don't want to! Part of the great alure of Burlesque, is the enticement of expectation... as such, while there may be implied nudity, or you may have an article of clothing actually removed, the photos aren't being taken of "bits". My policy is to only take photos you would feel comfortable showing to, for example, your best friend. Of course some of the fun can be in getting just a little naughty and showing just the right amount of a hint... but that is completely and entirely up to you!

Where do you shoot

In short, anywhere and everywhere. Most often however, I shoot in my home studio here in Dripping Springs, TX, on a secluded 14 acre tract in the hill country filled with majestic oaks. In my home studio we can shoot most anything you need, but I am also mobile with an easily transportable studio setup so I can come to your location or a location of your choosing and shoot in your home or condo, as well as shoot in hotel rooms, parks, conference centers, rivers, lakes, and streams, you name it... and I'm likely up for it! :) I have a passion for Landscape photography, and frequently shoot people in spectacular scenic locations, blending my two great passions for people and landscapes photography. Challenge me if you dare. :) It has been a LONG time since anyone has requested anything so out of the ordinary that I had to give it serious pause to consider if I could shoot there or not, and thus far, I have ALWAYS found a way to make my clients dreams happen! :)

How do I contact You?

The best method generally is to use my Photos eMail for my MidnightFantasy.com address.
or you can call me at 717-PHOTO-24 (717-746-8624), tho I must admit, you will likely have to leave a message and I will call you back later, as more often than not I can be found on location or in the studio, and away from the phone in the office.

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